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My name is Lindsay Grunwald, and I am 22 years old currently living in Burlington, Wisconsin.

I graduated in May 2013 from the University of Wisconsin- Madison with a Bachelors in Kinesiology and a Certificate in Global Health.  Go Badgers!!

I now work at the Aurora Wellness Center in Burlington as a Fitness Specialist.  I teach group fitness classes, do personal training, conduct fitness tests and health screens, and help organize special events.


My interest in fitness probably began when I was young taking gymnastics, dance, and swim lessons. In high school I played basketball and soccer, and was on the dance team.  I loved being active and getting to spend a lot of time with my friends in sports.

I was extremely excited to attend UW Madison after high school even though I did not have a major picked out.  I knew I wanted to do something health-related, but it took me a year to find my calling.  I eventually decided that Kinesiology-Exercise and Movement Science was exactly what I wanted to study.  Originally, I intended to study Physical Therapy after graduation, but as I continued in the Kines program I learned about several more opportunities related to prevention of disability and disease.  Our country's health is declining and with the growing older population we are seeing more chronic diseases. This severely impacts our health care system, which is already one of the most financially inefficient systems in the developed world.. ANYWAY I digress.. =] Basically, I decided I was more interested in health systems and wellness than therapy.

Rose Bowl 2013

While I am absolutely enjoying my new job, I do plan to go back to school eventually. I am just unsure exactly what path I want to take.  I've been looking at programs all over the country in exercise physiology, public health, health systems, and medical science.  For now I am enjoying Burlington (despite its small size =]) with my boyfriend, Tyler.

I created this blog to help encourage people with their health and fitness, and to be a resource for anyone wanting to make a change! I hope you enjoy!

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