Friday, October 4, 2013

21 Day Challenge Update

Happy Friday Everyone! A quick update over breakfast:

343 Calories in this Photo
Pictured Here: Spinach and Mushroom Scramble with one egg, High Fiber maple brown sugar instant oatmeal with 2 T PB2 and 1/2 T peanut butter, and a big cup of coffee! Love that mug =]

21 Day Fitness Challenge Group:
I am AMAZED with how quickly everyone came together! The challenge began September 30th, and I am SO excited for these 3 weeks! 25 of us are working together to have accountability to track what we eat and exercise daily.  It has been a great way to stay motivated, and bounce ideas off of each other. Can't wait to see where this takes us. If you want to learn more about challenge groups, or find out when the next one starts, comment below or send me a message!


  1. Sorry this is unrelated to your post. What is PB2? Some type of peanut butter?

    1. PB2 is powdered peanut butter. 45 Calories for 2T instead of 190 like actual peanut butter! I LOVE it because I love peanut butter way too much haha
      I find mine at whole foods, but there is also an online store: