Friday, September 20, 2013


Weekends are the MOST DIFFICULT days for me.. wise. I often head into Friday night after a week of daily exercise and clean eating only to have things like this..

or this..


this happen.  Yes that is a giant chocolate chip cookie that I helped make and I helped eat.

And then Sunday night I'm left feeling gross and disappointed in myself! So why do I let this happen time and time again? I recently came across this article in a monthly Fitness Journal I receive that discusses how positive emotions can induce overeating even MORE than negative emotions. Now this makes sense when my weekends usually involve time off, relaxation, visiting friends, and celebrations.

In order to stop this cycle I need to create a system of accountability. It is just TOO MUCH WORK to push my health goals during the week only to end back at square one Sunday night, waiting to start fresh Monday morning.

That's why I'm deciding to:
1. Post EVERYTHING that I eat and drink this weekend on my Instagram (lindsaygrunwald) with the hashtag #weekendaccountability and
2. Tell you about it NOW so I can't back out when the going gets tough!

This is really going to be a challenge for me since I will be attending a wedding Saturday, and going out for one of my best friend's birthday Sunday. But that's exactly why I need this!

I will begin at 9pm tonight (when I'm done with work) and continue until I go to sleep Sunday night. Feel free to post along with me!

Wish me luck!

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