Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Shakeology Experience

I recently finished my first bag of Shakeology!

I was pretty critical about the tag lines and marketing jargon all over the bag, so I decided to try it and make my own opinion.  I want to keep this review simple so here is my list:

+ Low Calorie and Low Sugar

+ Sustained Energy
I did not get my usual afternoon drowsiness when I substituted Shakeology for lunch!

+ Versatility
The vanilla was GREAT with several low calorie mix-ins! My favorites were Chocolate PB2 or coffee as well as Pumpkin and Cinnamon. You can make this a healthy higher calorie option by adding in certain ingredients like peanut butter, banana, or other fruits!

+ I felt good about what I was drinking.  Easy healthy decision to make each day.

+ Helped me create a routine and added structure to my diet
When I was coming home from work hungry, I had something QUICK to make right away. So easy, no excuse

+ Shakeology comes with an empty bag guarantee, so no apprehension necessary

- Strange Digestion at First
While I didn’t experience this personally, I have heard from people who did.  As far as I know it only lasted the first few days, and was most likely due to the increase in probiotics in the intestines

- One flavor for 30 days
While the Vanilla was very versatile with mix-in possibilities, I am unsure if the Chocolate, or Tropical Strawberry would be the same (I haven’t tried them yet!) To receive a “variety pack” you must order the individual packets which are only 24 servings (rather than 30).  But, Shakeology did just release a sampler with 4 individual packets to try before you buy a month supply.

- Cost
Shakeology is definitely an investment at about $4 a shake

+/- On the Go
Shakeology is an EXCELLENT healthy on the go option, but I definitely preferred the consistency from my blender over that from my shaker cup.

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