Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend

I hope everyone had a happy (and healthy!) Thanksgiving weekend! It was great to be able to catch up with friends from home  as well as see my parents and brothers.  As for the healthy part.. not terrible! Definitely had pie and cheesecake and other delicious foods that come along with Thanksgiving, but I was able to stay pretty active!

Thanksgiving morning I ran the Turkey Trot.  I took it pretty easy at about a 10 minute mile pace for all 5 miles.  I'm not huge into running, and it was a late night with my high school friends the night before =]  However, Tyler and my brother Ryan ran it with their all.  Tyler finished in 35 minutes despite not running at all since the Tough Mudder in September.. he's crazy! He may or may not have heaved up dinner at the finish line..... I'm not letting him live that one down. =]

Saturday I decided to go out for another run.  Like I alluded to before, running is not my favorite form of exercise.  Personally, I find it monotonous and really stiffening in my joints.  That being said it is cheap and easy. So without an ideal place to bust out some Insanity I decided to go run.

I ran through campus and it was totally dead.

 I still had not gotten around to getting a new battery for my heart rate monitor so this run was even more uncharacteristic of me because it was TECH-FREE (despite the pics from my iphone). It was kind of nice though just to be in my head and not concentrate on my pace or my calorie burn.

The run totaled about 4 miles.

Saturday afternoon I made these hot chocolate Santas with my mom for Christmas gifts.  Pretty cute so I had to share!

Oh, and happy December!!

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